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WIZ Records
About WIZ Records
Grenada’s unique jab jab style of soca music comes to the forefront with WIZ Records. Grenadian producer Shawn “Mr. Roots” Mitchell started producing and releasing music under his production house Mr. Roots Productions since 2003, which has now been rebranded as WIZ Records, having evolved from just a production house to a record label.

Mr. Roots also earned his stripes as the bassist for soca star Machel Montano’s HD Band, until departing recently to focus on his record label. Crafting his legacy and building his catalog for over a decade now, Mr. Roots now joins forces with FOX FUSE, which serves as the exclusive worldwide digital distributor for WIZ Records, thereby bringing WIZ Records’ outstanding releases to the global audience.

“Being from Grenada, I see a great need for our music to be refined and put up there with all the rest of the islands, like the music from Trinidad and Barbados,” states Mr. Roots, founder of WIZ Records. “We have a unique style of soca music called jab jab but most people think that jab jab music is just about drums and conch shells. I’m here to eliminate that misconception about jab jab music by blending it with traditional soca and other styles from the Caribbean, such as zouk, bouyon and rhythm box, while maintaining and preserving the roots and foundation of soca, which you can clearly hear in all my works.”

WIZ Records already has quite a few artists under its umbrella, including Terra Kid, Otis, Supa Mario and Pupa Leendi, just to name a few. “I’m keeping more of my focus on the young and upcoming talents from across the Caribbean,” reveals Mr. Roots. “Nurturing new talent is the only way to ensure the continuation of our culture and heritage.”

With his foundation set solid and his eyes focused on growing new talents, Mr. Roots indeed has the roots for WIZ Records to flourish with its mission to further expose the rich culture and diversity of the Caribbean, through music, to the international audience.